Revit Architecture Certified Professional Course

We are one of the only Authorized Autodesk Certification Centers in the UK and we are also an Authorized Autodesk Coaching Center, training many scholars per year .For those who have innovative Autodesk abilities and can fix complicated work-flow and style difficulties, Autodesk Qualified Expert certification is the must-have profession device.

Certification at this level is great way to point out the skill-sets needed to stand out from competitors and be successful in progression.

To be able to take the Autodesk Revit Structure Qualified Expert Examination, you should have 400+ hours’ experience of using Revit Structure.

Why should you become an Autodesk Revit Qualified Professional?

  • Industry recognized certificate
  • Demonstrates knowledge the newest application technology
  • Improve efficiency and gain assurance in using Revit
  • Receive a transportable certification which can be used for your CV and social
  • networking accounts
  • Be from the top level team of Autodesk Experts database
  • Win more perform with your valuable skills


The Autodesk Qualified Expert exam contains performance-based questions to test students’ knowledge on the particular Autodesk application they have been using.

The Autodesk Revit Structure Qualified Expert exam takes 2 hours’ to complete.

The Autodesk Revit Structure Qualified Expert Examination will likely cover the following topics:

Copy and observe elements in a connected file
Use worksharing
Import DWG and picture information
Use Worksharing Visualization
Assess evaluation alerts in Revit

Create and change loaded areas
Place details elements and duplicating details
Tag elements (doors, windows, etc.) by classification
Use sizing post
Set the shades used in a color plan tale
Work with stages

Change elements within a layer walls (grids, sections, mullions)
Create substance surfaces
Create a placed walls
Differentiate system and element close relatives members
Work with close relatives Factors
Create a new close relatives kind
Use Family development techniques

Create a developing pad
Define surfaces for full of
Create a stairway with a getting
Create elements such as a surfaces, roofs, or rooftops
Generate a toposurface
Model fences
Edit a style element’s material (door, window, furniture)
Change a plain floor/ceiling/roof to a particular kind
Attach surfaces to a ceiling or ceiling
Edit room-aware families

Define factor qualities in a routine
Control exposure
Use levels
Create a duplicate perspective for a plan, area, level, creating perspective, etc.
Create and handle stars
Manage perspective position on linens
Organize and sort items in a schedule

Who is this course for?

This exam is for innovative customers of Revit Structure, who want to achieve their Computer-Aided Design (CAD) profession.

Becoming a Revit Structure Qualified Expert is well known within the Structure and Technological innovation sectors, and is an excellent certification to show to potential companies or customers.


The Revit Structure Qualified Expert Examination needs 400+ time of using Revit Structure.

Career path
Revit is commonly used within the Structure, Technological innovation and Development sectors for Building Information Acting (BIM). BIM is now portion of the UK govt require for construction tasks, therefore, learning Revit is becoming an progressively in demand expertise.

Salaries for these types of professions can differ from (£18,000 to £30,000+).



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2 Hours, Part-time


Autodesk Revit Structure Qualified Professional

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