Computer Architecture

Architecture is the process and the product strategy, design and constructs structures such as building etc. Architecture skills, in the material form of structures are normally perceived as traditional and cultural and as art work. Historical population is normally identified on the base of their good or bad surviving architecture success or achievement.

In computer science, computer architecture collection of rules, regulation and methods that explains the working, implementation and organization of computer system, some explanation of architecture explains it as describing abilities, capabilities and program models of a computer but normally not the particular implementation. In other explanation computer architecture contains collection of instruction set architecture designing, micro-architecture designing, logical designing and the implementation of these design.   

Sub Categories:  

Instruction Set Architecture:

The instruction set architecture (ISA) explains the machine code which is read by a processor and acts upon the word size as well memory address modes, data type and processor register. An instruction set of architecture is a communication interface between hardware and software of the computer and it can also be shown as view of the machine of program.

Micro Architecture:  

Micro architecture computer organization explains the way that how a particular processor implementation the ISA. The CPU cache size of a computer for example is a problem that normally has no relation with the (ISA) micro architecture helps to optimize the products that are performance based such as processor’s processing power and processing speed.

Logical Design:

Logical design contains every other hardware component within the computer system that contains:

  • Processing of data other than CPU for example: Direct memory access (DMA).
  • Other problems for example: software features, virtualization and multiprocessing.


There are other many types of computer architecture, but the types mentioned above are the major types and normally major companies and corporation use and follow them. The purpose to design the computer architecture is maximizing the performance and maintaining the low power and low cost.