Network Architecture

Network architecture is the building block of computer network. It is composed of physical structure of a network and its setup. In network architecture we follow some rules and principles. Computer network composed of digital telecommunication network, which allow sending and receiving data from one place to another. Computing devices share data from one node to another node in a systematic way.

Computer networks create links via cables or wireless devices like wifi etc, to the data from one place to another in minimum delivery time. In computer network sending, receiving and terminating the data called node. We give each network a specific IP, which distinguish different computers and with the help of IP’s we easily send and receive the data from one node to another. Nodes generally identified by network address, and can include hosts such as domestic computers, cell phones, servers, routers and switches.

Computer network support most of our application and it support in playing audio, video, sending and receiving of data etc. In every field of IT network architecture plays important role. In data communication mean sending and receiving of data from one place to another place from a communication mean exchange of data from some specific medium maybe wire or wireless. There are five component of data communication; sender, receiver, medium, message and some protocols. Data may be in the form of text, number, audio, video and images.

Internet is communication system it contains a wealth of information to our fingertips and arrange it in a systematic way for our use. Internet changes our daily life and save us most of time. Compare to solving the problem of networking and mathematical on computer and this job is done by hardware. In this task switches involves storing the data. This work would be easily when software involved. In networking there are seven layers to perform a specific task. For example, two friends send a message each other from different place. They may face different steps to post it.

In the same way in networking we send a message it passes through seven different layers and then received by receiver from another node. Network architecture plays an important role in networking or network computer.