Architecture Courses and Sub-Fields

Architecture fields includes various subfields which include the distinctive architecture courses. For instance, in most of the universities or institutes the following courses are taught at the level of Bachelor;

  • Bachelor’s in architecture (General)
  • Bachelor’s in Venue Design
  • Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture 
  • Bachelor’s in Science (Design, Architecture and Technology) 
  • Bachelor’s in Science (Architecture, Design & Planning) 
  • Bachelor’s in Science (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
  • Bachelor’s in Science (Landscape Architecture)
  • Bachelor’s in Science (Islamic Art & Architecture) etc.

In Bachelor’s in Science (BSc) or Bachelor’s in Arts, the universities or institutes keep their own distinctive curriculum, hence, follows some basic and mandatory key features. For instance, most of the university teach ‘structural engineering’ as a major part of BA or BSc program (bachelor’s degrees). Most of the university also teach ‘architectural history’ of the field. Moreover, building material studies and principles of environmental design are also taught in most of the universities at level of bachelors.

Additionally, some of the top universities of the world teach 3D designs; through which, the architecture would be able to lay out the possible final 3D outputs of the projects. To draw ‘design theory’, the architecture takes help from the computer and technology to get more attention from the clients of the field.    and building material studies.

Moreover, Various universities of the world offer master’s degrees in architecture studies. The following courses are taught at the level Master;

  • Master of Architecture in Urban Design
  • Master of Architecture Environmental Planning
  • Master of Architecture Architectural Conservation
  • Master of Architecture Landscape Architecture
  • Master of Architecture Industrial Design
  • Master of Architecture Regional Planning
  • Master of Architecture Transport Planning
  • Master of Architecture Building Engineering & Management
  • Master of Architecture Housing
  • Master of Architecture Town and Country Planning etc.

Hence, the main subjects of the Master of Architecture remain same in every master i.e. Construction methods, Architectural history and theory, Structural systems, Building designs etc.