Interior Architecture

Architecture is essential for every civilization to survive and grow in every era of life. Architecture helps the civilization to compete with other civilizations in different aspect like lifestyle, development, etc. But how should we follow or use architecture or in other words how to decide a basic and important architecture? A good building structure contains some must have features that are essential to survive in critics of weather. Those must have features are the following:

Durable: a good building structure stays durable or long lasting and stays in good condition in different weather conditions.

Utilization: constructing the building in good way, that user utilizes it in the purpose for which we develop or construct structure.

Beautiful: A good structure looks very beautiful and is not be a laughing stuff.

Internal Architecture:

Internal architecture is actually the designing of a place on a raw field, (upto to a furnished building), starting and constructing by some boundaries for the interaction and communication of humans in these boundaries. It is also known as the initial stage of design and plan to follow up and it can be changed and modified later according to purpose, hence, at every stage of planning during the construction of the building. Internal Architecture contains two further sub categories:

Adaptive reuse:

Adaptive is related to the phenomenon of reusing, modifying or furnishing the existing structure, in which the existing structure a new proposal is erected in a different way from which it was built or designed for in the beginning. It optimizes and is a good method for the performance of built and useless assets.

Sustainable architecture:

Sustainable architecture means that it seeks to lower the risk of negative impact of structures on environment by use of efficient and pure materials. Sustainable architecture uses a sensitive approach to electricity and ecological materials in the design to protect the natural environment.